Andy Murray's Road To World #1

What an amazing achievement for Andy Murray to become the World Number 1 tennis player! over the last few years he has been knocking at the doors of history but has always been denied by either in-form Federer or Nadal or Djokovic who seemed to be unbeatable at times. Andy spent 76 weeks as number two before finally taking that final step. And he did it in style having been involved in 11 finals out of 12 events this season!

But what made him so good?

We have the answers... our TTT Team member Alex Slabinsky was training with Murray throughout the years having grown up with him from the age of 11 all through to ATP...they were even on the same Davis Cup Team! He has seen first hand what it takes to become number 1 in the world in tennis and he will pass on this knowledge to you throughout this site.


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In an exclusive interview we find out just what it was like to train with Andy:

"Andy has always been a workhorse, a player who always puts in that extra mile and who i can confidently say is completely devoted to the game! From a young age he was a great tactician, he was not the powerhouse he is today, he was relatively small for his age but always managed to find a way to win no matter the opponent."

So what was the transition into pro tennis like?

"Well Andy quickly realised that to win at pro level he had to become a lot stronger and a lot fitter, having 'talent' wasn't enough so he worked hard at it. And by working hard at it i mean he would do impossible a few times i remember we would do a 3hr training session after which i would be sitting on the bench exhausted unable to move and i would see Andy's fitness coach come over and id think...ok he will do some stretching and some warming down with him...but no he would get up and they would do an extra hour of speed endurance! The same speed endurance which i felt we already did for the last 3hrs! That was the champion mentality that set him apart, and it made me start training past the point of what i thought was possible for my own body. He deserves that spot with every mile in those legs and every drop of sweat he left on the tennis court throughout the years and i hope he will be an inspiration to future players coming through"

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