Roger Federer Serve Accuracy and Disguise Drill

Roger Federer has hit more aces than every single player in the history of tennis except Ivo Karlovic and Goran Ivanisevic.

Federer has used this drill to become one the greatest servers of all time

Federer has out-aced Isner, Becker, Sampras, Roddick and countless other players who have been famous for their massive serve.

Federer has hit 9,586 aces in 1,252 matches and is on the heels of overtaking Ivanisevic at #2 on the all time ace list.

When you compare the players on the list to Federer, most of them are over 190cm tall - the main exception being Pete Sampras who is the same height as Federer.

The funny thing is - Sampras also used this exact drill