Roger Federer To Coach Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer has revealed he will join Rafael Nadal's camp as an adviser and part time coach.

The announcement has shocked the tennis world but comes at a much needed time for Nadal who has struggled the past 18 months.

Federer said that Nadal was his best chance of stopping Novak Djokovic winning the French Open and completing the career Grand Slam of winning all Four major titles.

Djokovic needs the French Open title to complete his set and Federer believes that Novak is fast on his way to surpassing him as the man to have won the most major titles in the history of Men's tennis.

Federer said "I believe that if Rafa can improve his serve, finish points off at net more often and add a bit more variety to his game, he will be able to hold off Novak getting the French. We have always been friends off court and both agreed that this would be part time only. If Rafa gets to 16 slams then we will no longer work together"


Nadal was quoted as saying "I have always loved Roger's style and am very happy to have someone work with Uncle Toni to help my game get back to the high levels, but for sure we are still competing to finish our careers with the most grand slams in history"

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