Nadal-Djokovic To Team Up

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal announced that they will team up to play doubles during the 2016 ATP season.

The decision was made as both players want to "dominate doubles in the same way we have dominated singles"

Nadal on the decision "I looked at all my options to prolong my tennis career and doubles looked like the best choice, Novak is the best player in the world and he was my first choice, as soon as I approached him he agreed, I'm very happy"

Djokovic added "When you look at history, players in past generations dominated singles but also had great records in doubles, now it's not so important but I think if we do well together then maybe we can bring doubles back to a popular status"

It is understood that they will team up at all the slams and masters events. When asked what would happen if they had to compete against each other in singles, both players tried to laugh it off, however Nadal added "If we play each other in singles, then we will both fight hard, but when it comes time to play together again we will be on the same side so no problem I think"

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