Tennis Video Analysis - Forehand Consistency and Control

In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon takes a look at one of our online students who is struggling to get consistency on his forehand.


When starting out the stroke, the student starts out quite well but when he reaches the "power" position he loses most of the leverage in his racket head and arm. By dropping the racket head down he loses space to accelerate the racket head but more importantly he now has his wrist in a position that doesn't give him much force over the ball.

The Ideal Power Position

By simply lifting the racket head upwards, having the tip of the racket pointing up towards the sky you are creating great leverage in the racket and hitting arm. From this position you will have space to really accelerate the racket without having to take the racket behind your body and during the contact zone you'll have that force required over the ball to produce a good quality stroke over and over again.

Transform Your Own Forehand

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