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32 responses to “VIP Club Questions”

    • I love you guy and I agree with arnie : Federer, Nadal Wawrinka, Nadal and other top pros do this cute little hopping steps-like rythm on auto pilot before every shot during a rally. Djokovic does it differently though. If you can teach it STEP BY STEP and also IN ACTUAL on how to do it would be great!

  1. Hi Guys,

    I think video analysis of a game or match would be great – a combination of strategy tips for someone at my level with my talents and weaknesses, and advice on which shots to practice and how. Hope it’s not to pricey though.

  2. I would like you to do this please, but at a low cost since that is what would set you guys apart simom and alex. Thank you for all that u have done though and keep up the tennis!!

  3. Aloha, I grew up playing tennis in Stockholm, Sweden but then didnt play for many many years. I just picked it up again the last 4 years and I’ve never had even a video analysis done or personal coaching outside of a lesson here and there, I think the topics you listed looks good for me.

    thanks, Herb

  4. Federer, Nadal Wawrinka, Nadal and other top pros do this cute little hopping steps-like rythm on auto pilot before every shot during a rally. Djokovic does it differently though. If you can teach it STEP BY STEP and also IN ACTUAL on how to do it would be great!

  5. would be great if the person being coached was watched thru facetime. perhaps a phone or laptop cam from a good distance. and a bluetooth earpiece for advice

  6. Hey guys, I think it’s a wonderful idea! I have looked through many of your videos for improving techniques and the mental/tactical side of tennis, but it’s just not enough, so this is actually really helpful! Chatting via Skype, and analyzing the player’s capacity, and their potential as well! I’d really like to see this come through!

  7. Dear Sir,

    I woyld like to know if this programa is free or with some cost becaouse now in Greece there is a prohibion of payments to overseas.

    Sincerely yours,

    Panagiotis giannoulopoulos

  8. This question is related to my daugter, 13 years, playing tennis in a local acdemy, since last one year. They are coaching 1 hr technical & after 2 hr practice mtach among all other players. I didn’t see any significant improvements. I asked them to add one hr. hitting session to practice hitting many more balls, but coach insisting these three hrs. are enough. I need your expert comment what should I do?

  9. Hi guys,

    For me personally what would seem to work best is: if I send you a video of one of my matches, you analyse and feedback to me, touching on as many domains of my game as practical (technique, mental, footwork and fitness level, tactics etc.) and then a way we could interactively exchange comments and tips..?

    Good luck with your new initiative!

  10. Great tips guys!

    My thoughts for you:

    1. Have tiers: silver gold platinum all with different features and pricing
    2. Chuck in some of your courses for free as a sign up/pre-launch gift
    3. Video analysis – How to set up a camera or person filming you and what is needed for best feedback via video
    4. Inner circle – find players in your country and play together
    5. Send branded tees to members and offer discounts for their tier if ALL the videos they send for analysis is branded then renewal is less 20% and you can use the videos as advertising/promos
    6. Get a new logo – Fivver.com will help you for $5 – its about time 😉
    7. Inside the tiers have sections and vid analysis of other players for us to look at with your feedback
    8. Low cost = lower perceived value
    9. High cost risks = no one signing up as this is also a mission for someone to go play on the court and have someone film and upload and send to you – might as well get a coach and get instant feedback without the hassle
    10. Mid range pricing = i would say best value if most of your courses were also available

    If you would like more help I am available to hire for business consultations 🙂 Good luck

  11. Hey Guys,

    Love your videos, I can always find something to focus on in different aspects of the game. I would like to see a more detailed outline of how to train off the court. Including mental, agility, mobility, etc.. Put it together in an all inclusive training program. Please keep in mind that the majority of us work a job for a living and do not have more than a couple of hours a day, at most, to train at getting better. The video analysis is a definitely a keeper for the program.

  12. Would definitely be interested. Primarily in video analysis of my strokes. I’ve see online that some sites charge 30usd per stroke which isn’t a competitive
    Price. So I think you need to find a price point that’s reasonable for you and your clients. Cheers

  13. By all means necessary, the offering has to be one which focuses on CUSTOMIZATION (1. (tr) to modify (something) according to a customer’s individual requirements) which will not be possible without a charting of matches component along with video analysis of actual competitive matches to view correct or incorrect strategies and tactics executed (if applicable as the case may be) against certain types of players (ie: aggressive baseliners, grinders, net rushers, moon ballers, sonic boom servers, lefties, etc)

    The charting of matching will allow laser focus on deficiencies in a person’s individual game:
    -Too many unforced errors per set on the forehand side 10+ or backhand.
    A baseline is established and a review of the video may show deficiencies in either
    *mental decision making (shot selection based on court position, incoming ball, opponent position, intention, etc) which would require more tactical work
    *poor technical foundation which would require more slow motion video comparisons of pros for building world class technique in students.
    *fatigue leading to unforced errors if noted in video match analysis later in the match which would require more fitness training recommendations.
    -First Serve % under 60 % which would need to work on consistency of serve and review of video would give insight in “problems”

    – etc, etc.

    Hopefully you get the point. Anything other than specific customization to the individual will only be considered a cookie cutter “program offering” which would lack much substance for what is being attempted to be offered but can have a significant positive impact if done correctly to your CUSTOMers.

  14. My son abhinav plays tennis and he is 10 Years Old. He is busy in 5th Grade and not have enough time during weekdays.
    But he is very passionate player and he plays a lot of tennis when has time. He plays regularly USTA matches and last 3 matches he won 2 out of 3.
    But he need proper guidance. Also he does not have much exposure.
    How can u help us? please let me know.Do u want to review his videos.please let me know.

    I like ur videos and visit quite often and make my son learn your tricks.

  15. Hi guys
    Good thing you are doing. The following is important:
    Slow motion videos of tennis pros strokes with the comments:
    Footwork, body, hands , ….
    Foorwork of pros and drills for development.
    Tactics ideas with sample.
    If it is possible, in addition to video duplicate materials in a photo with a written explanation. At least the main points and conclusions.
    This will bring up your materials to the new high level tennis training materials.

  16. I would prefer that you have a tiered pricing and the low tier would get you the basics, and you would limit the number of videos per month that we could send in. Maybe just one per month. Thanks

  17. Needs to be a reasonable price first and foremost. Also needs to be a 24-48 hour max turnaround time on reviews. Need to use video software to do the reviews like hudl. When is this coming and what will be the price for the service? Thanks

  18. Hello Alex and Simon,

    Thanks for such fantastic video series. I am playing tennis with local coach in India. I would like to know if you would be able to provide the feedback on the recording of the videos during my play.

  19. Hi Alex and Simon,
    First of all, my coment is about courses i have bought from you – just couldn’ t find comments box in master your serve and instant fixes courses.
    So I think it would help me a lot to see racket and ball contact moment; in all your serve videos top part of racket along with contacting ball is cut out. Another words contact point happens above video frame. If you could record three short slow motion videos of racket and ball contact -movement on flat, slice and kick serve.
    Best regards

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