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What You Will Learn Inside The Full Course:

Module One

In this module you’ll learn the importance of your forehand grip and the grip we recommend, which part of the ball you should hit for more topspin, how to generate massive topspin using the correct swingpath, the legs, the racket drop and the windshield wiper motion.

Federer Forehand

Module Two

In this module we’ll break down the topspin forehand into six parts, including the contact zone, the racket drop, the lag phase, the power position and the swing. We’ll show you six progressions to use to master each element of the stroke.

Screenshot (437)

Module Three

In this module you’ll learn the differences in the swing between the topspin forehand vs the flat forehand, when and how to use each one, how to hit crosscourt vs how to hit down the line and how to adjust your forehand swing depending on the incoming ball.

Forehand flat

Module Four

In this module you’ll learn how to generate effortless power on your forehand using the main power sources. These include the non-hitting hand, the coil and uncoil motion, pronation on the forehand, racket lag, the power position and your swing.

Forehand swing

Module Five

In this module we’ll teach you the four main forehand finishes and when to use each one. You’ll also learn how to transfer your bodyweight through the forehand using the the jump, hop and pivot steps.

Forehand finish

Module Six

In this module you’ll learn how to move to and from the forehand and which stance to use depending on the ball. This includes how to get to wide balls in the quickest and most energy efficient way, how to recover using the side shuffle, crossover and the cross-behind steps.

Forehand movement

Module Seven

In this module you’ll learn how to flatten out the forehand, how to deal with low and high balls, how to read the opponents shots and disguise your own forehands, how to keep your head still at contact and the forehand slice and dropshot.

Forehand lag

Module Eight

In this module we’ll analyse the best forehands in the world and see exactly what they do to make their strokes so good. Players covered include – Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Wawrinka, Kyrgios, Sock, Agassi, Gonzalez and more.

Player Forehand

Module Nine - Bonus

In this module taken from the forehand blueprint course, we’ll break down the flat forehand into six progressions and show you exactly how to master each segment.

Forehand progressions

Module Ten and Eleven

Bonus – Forehand Blueprint Course Lessons.


Black Friday Sale $297 $97


Get Lifetime Access To This Course

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