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    Tennis Serve Masterclass - The clinic focused on 3 main elements – 1. Serve technique 2. What to do after you serve 3. Serve set plays to hold serve much easi
    Female players tend to struggle more with the serve than male players and it comes down to a number of factors which include natural strength, throwing mechanics and the amount of time spent practicing serves. For guys, it’s normal to spend hours upon hours serving but for girls it seems to be common to focus more on their baseline game and develop their serves later on in their teens and even later.
    Many players around the world struggle to get their body weight going into the serve and don’t use their back leg to help them generate extra power on the serve but also balance the body once they land. By kicking back your right leg (left leg if left handed) when you land onto your front foot, you are helping the body to balance and that extra push from the ground during the upward phase on the swing will help you generate extra power on the tennis serve.
    Generating effortless power on the tennis forehand is right up there on any tennis players wish list. The trouble is when most players think about generating more power they tighten up, their muscles get stiff and they try to muscle the ball. In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will help you get more power on your forehand with one simple trick.
    The tennis serve can be very complex and hard to master and the ball toss is one of the things players struggle with the most. In this free tennis lesson we will look at how you can improve your ball toss on serve
    Federer has one of, if not the best tennis serve in history and there are a few fundamental things that all of us can implement from his serve.
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