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The complete guide to building a consistent, reliable return of serve with tennis legend David Nalbandian

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Module 1

In this module David will break down the return grip he uses for both his forehand and backhand, where to stand depending on the opponent you are playing, the technique for the return of serve and how it’s different from a normal groundstroke, his strategy for both the first serve and second serve return and also how to return on big points.

Module 2

In this module David will teach you how to move in the most effective way for your return of serve. This includes the split step footwork, the first step to the ball and the stance to use for both the forehand and backhand return of serve. David will also help read your opponents serve, what to look for before and during the opponents service motion to find out what they are planning to do.

Module 3

In this module you’ll learn how and when to use the chip return, the block return and the drive return. We’ll also go deeper into the technique on both the forehand drive and backhand drive return.

Module 4

In this module you’ll learn how to practise your return of serve, how to deal with kick serves, how to quickly fix your return of serve when it’s not working and the intentions on the return of serve.

Module 5

In this module we’ll go much deeper into the technique of the return of serve, footwork patterns to use, where to aim your return of serve and how to take the return on the rise.

Module 6

In this module we’ll show you some return of serve drills that you can use, slow motion examples of the pros on the return and Djokovic and Federer return analysis lessons.

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