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Module 1: The Foundation

In module one you will learn all about the foundation at the net. This includes the king of tennis grips when at the net, how to give yourself the edge with your ready position, how to position your racket in relation to your body and how to create leverage before you even know where the ball is going.

Module 2: The Fundamentals

In module two you will learn the fundamentals of each type of volley you will face when at the net. This includes the forehand and backhand half volleys, low volleys, medium height and high volleys. You will learn how to prepare the racket and your body accordingly to the type of ball that is incoming.

Module 3: The Variables

In module three you will learn how to deal with the variables when at the net. This includes how to handle fast balls when at the net, how tight you should hold the grip depending on the volley, how to make life hard for your opponents by using the correct spins and how to position the angle of the strings for the different types of volleys you may want to hit. We will also teach you the footwork patterns for mid court, wide and floating balls.

Module 4: Forehand Progressions

In module four you will learn how to master your forehand volley using simple, easy to follow progressions that will help you grasp each element of the forehand volley. We have broken down the volley into small chunks, where most players go wrong is that they try to improve everything at once and nothing gets set in stone. By breaking the stroke down into progressions you can truly zone in and focus on just one aspect and then move on when you feel you have it mastered.

Module 5: Backhand Progressions

In module five you will learn how to master your backhand volley using simple, easy to follow progressions that will help you grasp each element of the backhand volley.

Module 6: Half Volleys

In module six you will learn how to master both the forehand and backhand half volleys. You cannot be a complete net player if you don’t know how to handle balls that bounce inside the service box when at net. These balls can be very tricky to deal with, however with our simple and easy to follow progressions, you’ll be hitting the best half volleys of your life in no time at all.

Module 7: Drills

In module seven you will learn some of the best and most effective drills that you can use to improve your forehand and backhand volleys, movement at net and of course the overhead smash.

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The course consists of 50+ video lessons. Nothing else online comes even close!

  • I used to hate coming to net. Now it’s the most enjoyable part of playing tennis for me. Thanks to the incredible coaching I’ve had from Simon and Alex I’m now able to finish the point at the net and my doubles partner is thrilled too!


  • Doubles is all about who controls the net and I always struggled when competing against stronger players. Now though is a different story, after spending the day with top tennis training and learning how to volley properly I can now poach at will. Great job team.


  • Simon and Alex, the Kings of web tennis teaching. No one comes close!


  • I have gone through every single course that Alex and Simon have ever released. Every course I learn tons from. They gave me access to the new volley course before anyone else as a thank you gift and once again it’s incredible. Their ability to break down strokes and teach them in simple methods is truly what seperates them from every other coach online. Thanks so much


  • I really think this is the best Tennis learning channel so far. The coaches are capable both in theory and practice. They explain and execute well plus they have the right connections in the Tour. This is so much value for Tennis players. Thanks guys!


Get Full Access Here »YES! I’m Ready to Dominate The Net