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The Legend – David Nalbandian

David is well known as having one of, if not the greatest backhand of all time. He has defeated Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray and many more legends of the game.

For the first time ever, David shares his secrets to his two handed backhand.

Module 1: The Foundation

In module one you will learn all about the foundations of a good two handed backhand. This includes the grip David and most pros use and why they use it. Which hand should lead through the shot. How and when to use the open, semi open and neutral stances and the ideal racket preparation for your two hander.

Module 2: Different Styles of Backhands

In module two you will learn how to hit backhands on different types of balls. This includes how to deal with high balls on the backhand, how to hit the jumping backhand, how to deal with low balls on the backhand, how to disguise the drop shot backhand and drills that David used to develop his world class backhand.

Module 3: Backhand Progressions

In module three you will learn how to break down your backhand into smaller chunks that you can then master fully using our easy to follow progressions. This will help you get more topspin, control and power on your backhand.

Module 4: Backhand Power

In module four you’ll learn the different ways you can generate power on your two handed backhand, the different styles of power positions used on the ATP and WTA tour and the various way you can use your backhand for more success on court.

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  • Simon and Alex, thank you for your great video lessons. They’re a gem to students of the game like myself.

    You guys are certainly head and shoulders above other instructors when it comes to your teaching, not to mention the level of your tennis.

    K Soh

  • Simon is simply excellent, the best you can find online by far. I improved my tennis a lot following his videos. Here in the US the words tennis “pro” is badly overused, but for me you need a background like the one Simon has in order to be classified as a tennis “pro”. Anyways, independently on his background, he really knows what he is talking about.

    Simone Bastioli

  • Simon and Alex, Kings of web tennis teaching.


  • One of the best if not the best instructional video on forehands I have ever seen. Great job Simon.

    Jan Landy

  • Sensational explanation from start to the end clean , clear and confident well done

    Jovan Celebic

  • You guys are the best. Thanks for helping out.


  • I really think this is the best Tennis learning channel so far. The coaches are capable both in theory and practice. They explain and execute well plus they have the right connections in the Tour. This is so much value for Tennis players. Thanks guys!


Get Lifetime Access Here »YES! I’m Ready to Transform My Backhand