Volley Blueprint

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Finishing the point at the net in tennis is one of the most effective tactics to win points in both singles and doubles.
Too often club players let short balls pass them by, they don’t punish opponents for hitting short. This helps the opponent relax and will often lead them to playing better. Punish those short balls and your opponents will be tighter as they know they need to keep good depth on their shots.

Many players simply don’t feel confident enough up at net to attack those short balls and transition forward.
This is why we have created the Volley Blueprint course. This is the complete guide to mastering every type of volley you will encounter including the overhead smash.

You’ll learn how to hit the forehand and backhand half volleys, low volleys, medium height volleys, high volleys along with the footwork for the different types of volleys, how to produce power on your volleys, how to deal with fast balls when at net, how to cover the lob and drills to improve your net game.