10 Ways To Improve Your Tennis Alone

10 Ways To Improve Your Tennis Alone – Tennis Lesson

Improving your tennis game often involves having a tennis partner, a tennis coach or someone to feed you tennis balls.
However, there are many ways you can improve your tennis alone, with the help of nobody. We all want to improve our tennis but often we rely on other people to actually get out on the tennis court to work on our games.

No more excuses!
In this free tennis lesson, coach Simon Konov will show you 10 ways to improve your tennis alone, so you’ll have plenty of ways to get better and start defeating your competition.

10 Ways To Improve Your Tennis Alone:

Method One – Tennis Serve Drills. This doesn’t mean just hitting hundreds of serves with no goal or purpose in mind. This means going out on the tennis court with focus, using drills that will help you improve the exact aspect of your tennis serve that you want to improve. This could be working on your serve consistency and using drills that will help you to focus on that.

Method Two – Tennis Footwork Drills. We all know how important it is to have good tennis footwork and movement, yet how often do you work on your footwork patterns? How often do you train your split step, your recovery steps, or a specific pattern that you need to improve? There are hundreds of tennis footwork drills and we should all be training our footwork alone, whenever we can.

Method Three – Self-Feeding Drills. This is simply where you drop feed balls to yourself, on the spot, or slightly away from your body, so you work on your technique, accuracy, and consistency. There are many different drills you can do with self-feeding and they are a great tool to improve your tennis alone.

Method Four – Serve Plus One. When it comes to tennis tactics and strategy for singles players, the serve plus one pattern is number one. There are over 12 main serve plus one pattern of play and to work on and improve them alone, you can simply hit your serve to your intended target, then drop feed yourself the return you would expect and hit the first shot into your go-to play. Another great way to improve your tennis alone.

Method Five – Tennis Coordination Drills. Many tennis players neglect to work on and improving their coordination. The pros know how important coordination is for tennis, and most of them will do a few drills daily to work on and improve it. This could be something as simple as catching a tennis ball on the spot, or bouncing one ball off the ground while dribbling another one. Another great way to improve your tennis alone.

Method Six – Shadow Swings. There are a few different ways you can use shadow swings to improve your tennis, the first one is to simply focus on your tennis technique, this could be your backhand. You would simply shadow your tennis backhand over and over again, focusing on exactly what you want to do with your backhand stroke. Secondly, you could focus on creating good racket head speed and you would simply swing the racket as fast as you can, whilst maintaining good form, and listen to the sound of your swing. Thirdly, you could focus more on your footwork and add a shadow swing to compliment the drill.

Method Seven – Tennis Ball Machine Drills. This method will require a ball machine but if you have access to one, there are so many great ways you can use it to improve your game.

Method Eight – Tennis Wall Drills. This doesn’t have to be linked to a tennis court, it could be in your garden, or in a park. Where ever you can find a wall you can use, there are many drills you can do alone to improve your tennis.

Method Nine – Tennis Rebound Net. This is a great tool to have set up in your garden or driveway, it doesn’t require a massive amount of space and you can hit hundreds of balls in a short amount of time. The best drills you can do on one of these is volley drills. Another great way to improve your tennis alone.

Method Ten – Tennis Fitness. This doesn’t mean going to the gym and spending hours lifting weights, this could be as simple as doing home workouts, using your own body weight, or doing interval sprints in your garden.