3 Steps To Playing Better Tennis

3 Steps To Playing Better Tennis

Simon & Alex from Top Tennis Training are back with another free tennis lesson to help you propel your game upwards!
In this video they will help you play better tennis in 3 simple steps.

Step #1 – How To Improve Your Timing

In this first part of the video we look at a simple drill to help you improve your tracking of the ball and also the timing of your contact point. Many players struggle with the timing of the contact point due to the fact that they don’t read the incoming ball and/or bounce.
By saying bounce – hit or 1 – 2 you are forced to really track the ball well and prepare accordingly.

Step 2 – Stop and Start Footwork

The first step to the ball and the first recovery step are two of the most important steps in tennis as they help initiate the momentum to and from the ball. If they are explosive they will help launch you explosively in the right direction.
If they are sluggish and heavy, it will be hard for you to make up the time lost. Once you arrive at the ball you want to be balanced for the contact point but then once again explode into the right position.

Step 3 – Balance and Relaxation

When hitting the ball, many players lose balance and tense up to try to generate power.
When you watch the great players such as Roger Federer, you’ll notice how effortless his power comes due to great timing and relaxation of his body.
As the head is quite heavy, even a slight tilt will throw off the entire upper body so it’s crucial that you maintain a great posture with your shoulders balanced and level and the spine as straight as possible with the head resting on top.
By staying low with your center of gravity you will help this process.