5 Ways To Improve Your Tennis Serve At Home – Tennis Lesson

5 Ways To Improve Your Tennis Serve At Home – Tennis Lesson

With over 60% of the world currently on lockdown, training at home has become the only solution for many tennis players around the world. If you’re currently locked down, you can still work on and improve your tennis serve, with these five serve drills that can be done at home.

The main issues that most tennis players face on their serves are the ball toss, using the continental grip, balance, and leg drive.
In this video, Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will show you five ways to improve your tennis serve at home.

Drill One – Ball Toss
In this drill, you’re working improving your ball toss.
Simply hold the ball as you would for your normal serve and practice placing the ball in the same zone time and time again. Go for twenty ball tosses on the spot and really focus on trying to get the ball to the right height and a similar spot over and over again.

Drill Two – Supination
In this drill, hold the racket with the continental grip and bounce the ball off the ground using the bottom side of the racket. Go for fifty of these in total. This action replicates the action that happens just prior to the contact point when the forearm goes into supination and the edge of the racket leads the way towards the ball.

Drill Three – Pronation
In this drill, you’ll alternate between bouncing the ball with your frame and with the strings. This will help you feel pronation on the tennis serve and get you used to pronating with the correct grip. Do twenty-five sets of this drill.

Drill Four – Leg Drive
In this drill, place a cone or some lines down that will act as an obstacle. Stand behind them and shadow your service motion while jumping over the cones or lines. Go for ten shadow serves over the hurdles.

Drill Five – Balance
In this drill, close your eyes and shadow your serve. This will force you to really balance the body during your service motion and will make you aware of what you’re doing with your different body parts.