Ambidextrous Tennis – Tennis with Two Forehands

Can You Play Tennis with Both Hands?

We tried playing tennis using two forehands with pro tennis players, including David Nalbandian, Taro Daniel and Alex Slabinsky…what we found was very interesting!

In this video, you’ll see Coach Simon of Top Tennis Training using both his right and left-handed tennis forehands to rally with pro players.

Could this be the future of tennis?

Imagine Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer using two forehands! Could this be the next evolution of tennis, having players hit with two forehands and serve with both hands?

Have you ever tried using two forehands when playing tennis?

Video Timeline: 00:00 – Rallying with Taro Daniel

00:52 – Rallying with David Nalbandian

1:38 – Rallying with Alex Slabinsky

2:57 – Rallying with Taro Daniel part two

4:34 – Serving with Both Hands

5:18 – Hitting Every Shot with Both Hands