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  • High Backhand Formula

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    • High Backhand Formula - $97.00

    Dealing with a high backhand in tennis is one of the toughest shots you can face. However, there are many ways to master the high backhand. Not only to get the ball back in play but to even attack off those high balls and turn a defensive situation, into an attacking one. That’s exactly why [...]

  • The Tennis Blueprint

    • The Tennis Blueprint - $47.00

    The Tennis Blueprint PDF

  • Turbo Boost Your Tennis 2.0

    • Turbo Boost Your Tennis 2.0 - $297.00

    This course was designed with one goal in mind – to empower you to self correct out on the tennis court. Many players film themselves playing tennis but don’t know what to look for when watching the video back. They look at unimportant elements of the game, with this in mind we designed this course [...]

  • Footwork Revolution

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    • Footwork Revolution - $497.00
    • Footwork Revolution with Bonuses - $697.00

    Footwork is the glue that binds together our entire tennis game. When it comes to winning tennis matches, in both singles and in doubles, you need to be able to move efficiently and effectively in order to cover the tennis court. By using the correct footwork patterns, you’ll be a much more effective tennis player, [...]

  • Pros Revolution

    • Pros Revolution - $497.00

    Have you ever wondered how your favorite player executes a specific shot? Like Federer’s forehand? Or Djokovic’s backhand? Or maybe you want to learn how to use the tactics that your favorite pro uses to win tennis matches? Well, this course is for you! We have done all the hard work, studying and analyzing the [...]

  • Singles Revolution

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    • Singles Revolution - $497.00

    The ultimate tennis tactics and strategy course for singles players. Learn how to defeat any game style you may encounter in matches.

  • Tennis Workouts at Home

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    • Tennis Workouts at Home - $97.00
    • Footwork Revolution with Bonuses - $697.00

    In this course, we’ll show you workouts that you can do at home, with no equipment at all, simply using your own body weight. These bodyweight exercises are mixed in with some on the spot footwork drills that will help you be faster and lighter on the tennis court. With workouts starting at just five [...]

  • Tennis Drills Revolution

    • Tennis Drills Revolution - $497.00

    The most in-depth tennis drills course on the planet, with over 150+ drills that focus on all areas of the game, including the forehand, one and two-handed backhand, slice, volleys and smash, return of serve and the serve. Simon and Alex of Top Tennis Training have used all of these drills in their own training [...]

  • Tennis Fitness Blueprint

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    • Tennis Fitness Blueprint - $497.00

    Matches are won and lost long before match day, they're won in the gym and on the practice courts. Many tennis players want to get in better shape for TENNIS but don't know how to, or they end up training as a regular gym-goer, doing the same old strength and fitness routines that might make them feel better in the gym, but normally don't translate over to the tennis court! Tennis is an explosive sport that requires strength and stability in the major muscle groups, coordination and balance, fast feet, dynamic power, anaerobic and aerobic fitness along with a good range of motion in the body.

  • Tennis DNA

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