Turbo Boost Your Tennis 2.0

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This course was designed with one goal in mind – to empower you to self correct out on the tennis court.

Many players film themselves playing tennis but don’t know what to look for when watching the video back. They look at unimportant elements of the game, with this in mind we designed this course to cover the fundamentals of each stroke, common errors that players are making time and time again with their forehand, one and two handed backhand, their slice, net game, serve, return of serve and footwork around the court.

After watching the video lessons inside this course, you will know exactly what to be looking out for when you use video analysis, how to correct the most common errors and be able to turbo boost your tennis.

For coaches this course will help you identify the errors in your students games and how to fix them quickly.

This course is a great tool for any parents out there, wishing to teach their kids the game but don’t know how to.


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Module 2


Module 4


Module 6