How To Become A Pro Tennis Player

How To Become A Pro Tennis Player with Top ATP Pro David Nalbandian.
In this video, Top Tennis Training coach Alex Slabinsky asks former ATP World Tour Finals Champion and world number three David Nalbandian the very popular question “How do you become a professional tennis player?”

David is very honest and says that good quality work is more important than high quantity and that goal setting is extremely important when trying to reach your full potential.

Setting goals can be done on both a long term basis (5 years time) and short term also (day to day or week to week)

Goal settings is something that nearly every Pro player does to help motivate themselves and their teams but also to track their progress.

Start off with setting goals for the following –

1. A one year goal
2. A sixth month goal
3. A three month goal
4. A one month goal
5. A weekly goal
6. A daily goal

Once you have wrote down these goals, start working towards your goals and once you reach them, redo your goals to keep yourself motivated and progressing in the right direction.

We wish you all the best and will help you as much as we can with reaching your goals in tennis!