How To Hit A Perfect Kick Serve In Tennis – 3 Steps

How To Hit A Perfect Kick Serve In Tennis – 3 Steps

The tennis kick serve is probably the hardest serve to learn for most tennis players. The mechanics behind the serve are very different to a normal flat or slice serve and it is for this reason that most players struggle in hitting a good kick serve. In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will share with you three steps to hitting a perfect kick serve and help you transform your second serves.

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3 Steps To kick Serve Success

1. Using the continental grip. This grip will allow the proper mechanics to occur prior to, during and after contact. If you don’t use this grip these actions will not be possible and the kick serve will not work.

2. The ball toss – toss the ball more to your left and slightly behind your head on the kick serve. This will allow you to hit the ball from 8 o’clock to 2 o’clock on the ball (bottom left hand side to top right hand side).

3. Shoulder over shoulder action and staying sideways throughout the serve which will help you actually hit the ball from the 8-2 o’clock motion.

If you imagine the action we use when applying more topspin and height to a forehand, that feeling of coming under the ball and really brushing up the back of the ball during the contact zone, that is the same feeling you want to have when hitting the kick serve however we do it at a slight angle to allow us to hit the ball from 7-1 on the ball face so we get the kick after the bounce on the opponents side of the court.