How To Improve Tennis At Home – The Complete Guide

How To Improve Tennis At Home – The Complete Guide

Many players are struggling to get out on the court and work on their game.
In the cold winter months, it’s not always possible to play tennis outdoors and it’s important that we can maintain or even improve our tennis at home.

In this video, coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training will share with you the complete guide on how to improve tennis at home.

Home Workouts For Tennis Players

One of the best ways to improve your tennis game, in general, is to get in better shape. This might mean getting stronger, getting fitter, losing weight or a combination of all three.

Home workouts can be a great way to boost your tennis, all you need is your body and your will to work hard.
Follow along with this 15 minutes home workout for tennis players.

Tennis Shadow Swings

Using shadow swings at home can be a great tool to improve your technique on any shot.
Shadow swings allow you to keep your shape on your tennis forehand, backhand, volleys or serve.

The great thing about shadow swings is you can do many repetitions in a very short amount of time.
Aim to do 20-30 shadow swings daily on every stroke.
If you don’t have much space above you, do your shadow swings off your knees.

Tennis Footwork Training At Home

Improving your footwork at home is one of the best methods you can use to propel your tennis.

You don’t need a massive amount of space to do footwork drills at home. Many of these drills require just a few feet of space in all directions.
Aim to work on your footwork at home 3-4 times per week, you’ll reap the rewards when you get back on the tennis court.

Tennis Serve Training At Home

Improving your serve at home is another great way to boost your tennis.

Most players struggle with their ball toss and working on your ball toss at home is a great way to improve it.
You can also work on supination and pronation along with your leg drive.

Improving Your Tennis Knowledge

Tennis players often get stuck in a rut when they’re constantly training and competing.
Since they’re on the court so much, they often forget to really increase their tennis knowledge.

This means increasing how much you actually know about technique, strategy, training methods, match analysis, nutrition and many other factors that help players become a better tennis player.

When you’re not playing as much if at all, you can increase your tennis knowledge by watching lessons online.

By reading tennis books, watching tennis matches and really analysing what’s going on with each players tactics and strategy.

Tennis Coordination

Tennis is a sport that requires very high levels of coordination between the eyes, hands and feet.

The higher the level of tennis, the more important coordination becomes.

Think about returning a fast serve, you have around half a second to pick up where the ball is going, react to the ball, get into the right position to reach the serve and then execute the return.

The eyes pick up the ball, the feet then react along with the hands getting the racket ready.
All of this requires coordination between the body segments.

Improving your coordination at home is another great way to improve your tennis at home.

Video Timeline
00:00​ – Home Workout For Tennis Players
15:49​ – Shadow Swings
18:36​ – Footwork Training at Home
24:16​ – Improve Your Serve at Home
29:38​ – Improve Your Tennis Knowledge
31:20​ – Tennis Coordination Drills