How To Serve Faster In Tennis

How To Serve Faster In Tennis – Lightning Bolt Serve Lesson

In this video, Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov (LTA Senior Performance and RPT National Professional Coach) will demonstrate and break down the “Lightning Bolt Serve”.
The best example of this serve on the ATP tour right now is Nick Kyrgios who has one of the best serves in the game.

As the motion happens so quickly, it has some great benefits for the server which include:
1. Using the muscles in the most explosive way which will increase the power but also decrease the risk of injury. It also uses the muscles in the most energy efficient way so you will save energy over the course of a match.
2. Disguise. Because the motion happens so fast, it makes it very hard for the returner to actually read where the serve is going and spot any differences in the motion. The slower the motion, the more signs the opponent can spot during the action.
3. Ball toss. As you lower the ball toss it becomes much easier to deal with windy conditions.