How To Serve In Tennis

How To Serve In Tennis In 5 Steps

The most important shot in tennis is the serve.

A tennis serve starts every single point that you will play, in both singles and doubles. That’s why it’s fundamental that you know how to serve in tennis. 

Being able to build a reliable, consistent tennis serve takes a lot of practice and patience.

However, many players practice serves for years but never achieve a consistent serve.


Frustrated Tennis Player

Too often, tennis players focus on the small things when it comes to technique.

They may like the way Roger Federer starts his serving motion and they try to copy that element.

Spending hours and hours working on the wrong things is the quickest way to stall your tennis improvements and build frustration.

That’s why you need a step-by-step serving guide, to show you exactly how to serve in tennis.

The following five step guide will help you build the serve you want and need.

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Step One - The Best Tennis Serve Grip

The best grip to serve with in tennis is the continental grip.

This is the same grip you should use for your volleys, your overhead smash, and your backhand slice.

This grip allows you to use supination and pronation on your tennis serve. It also allows you to hit all the different types of serves and spin variations with the same grip.

This includes the slice serve, the kick serve, the flat serve, and a combination.

The continental grip is easily found. Place your racket out in front of your body, using your left hand.

Now imagine you were shaking hands with the grip, you should end up close to the tennis serve grip.
Try to place both your heel pad and your index knuckle on bevel two.

Don’t forget to also spread your fingers slightly. If you hold the racket like a hammer, you will struggle to supinate and pronate on the serve.

Milos Raonic Serve Grip

Notice that Milos Raonic really spreads his index finger out, along the grip.

This may be too excessive for your own serve, but spreading the index finger will allow you to maneuver and control the racket much easier.

Experiment with the fingers and you’ll soon see what works best for your own tennis serve.

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Step Two - The Ball Toss On Serve

The next step to creating a reliable tennis serve is having a good ball toss.

The ball toss is possibly the biggest problem for most tennis players when it comes to their serve.
A wild toss will make serving extremely difficult as you’ll have to constantly adapt to new locations.

The best tennis serve ball tosses go no higher than six inches above the contact point.
The higher you toss the ball, the faster it will be traveling downwards when you try to make contact.

This makes it harder to hit the sweet spot on your tennis racket. When you toss the ball on the serve, the ball travels up, hits the peak, and then travels down.

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