How To Serve Rockets in 5 Steps ๐Ÿš€ – Tennis Serve Power Lesson

How To Serve Rockets in 5 Steps ๐Ÿš€ – Tennis Serve Power Lesson

Are you a power or precision server? Adding just 10% more power to your serve in tennis can make a BIG difference to your game and your tennis serve technique plays a vital role.

We often settle for being a precision server too early, we tell ourselves we have reached the limit of our ability where slicing or spinning is our only way out of trouble.

But what if thatโ€™s just our own limiting beliefโ€ฆwhat if there is a way to add INSTANT MPH to your serve in a simple and methodical way?

Most of us donโ€™t have the height of ATP Tour player John Isner or the explosiveness of Andy Roddick, so you have to get the most out of what you do have!

To help you accelerate your improvement, we split the serve into 5 power sources that take place at different phases of the shot:

1. Shoulder Over Shoulder motion – this starts during the toss phase on your serve as you reach for the ball with your left hand dropping the angle of your shoulders and allowing for the seesaw action into contact.

2. Leg Drive into contact – using the legs to hit your serve will help you generate instant power and take some of the pressure off your shoulder and arm which is vital to hitting big serves at pressure moments and continuously throughout the match.

3. Rotation of the body – using your hips to generate torque and allowing your upper body to turn and wind up against your hips and feet to release into the hit.

4. Supination & Pronation of the wrist at contact – the storage of power in your wrist and arm and the idea of creating the perfect wrist snap without snapping your wrist.

5. Rhythm – Generating a Fast Racquet Head Speed at the correct moments in your swing and hit to ensure you carry momentum through contact.

Our aim is to help you get 10% improvement on each element, this could mean a 50% total improvement!

We want to help you achieve more speed but also have the ability to do it repetitively, without injuryโ€ฆtime to get used to EASY POWER!

00:00โ€‹ Introduction To Hitting Powerful Serve in Tennis
00:47โ€‹ Shoulder Over Shoulder Motion on Serve
03:22โ€‹ Leg Drive on Tennis Serve
07:24โ€‹ Body Rotation On Serve
09:08โ€‹ Wrist Supination and Pronation Tennis Serve Power
11:05โ€‹ Rhythm on Serve – Fast Racquet Head Speed
13:38โ€‹ Power Serve Drill