Perfect Forehand in 3 Easy Steps – Tennis Forehand Technique Lesson

Perfect Forehand in 3 Easy Steps – Tennis Forehand Technique Lesson We all love the feeling of hitting the perfect forehand when you are timing the shot and giving the ball just the right amount of power and spin in a relaxed way. In order to stay fully relaxed and produce effortless power and spin, we need to make sure we follow 3 simple steps to achieve this. 1. The take-back – making sure you have a deep swing but one that is generated by the body turn (unit turn) separating your shoulders from your hip and creating a nice coiling effect. The left-arm going across the body will help you do this and ensure you are not taking your racquet back too far. Make sure your racquet head does not bend behind the body for ATP Forehand so keep the racquet on your right. WTA Forehand players tend to let it go behind for more power and racquet momentum but less wrist snap and less ability to create top-spin. 2. The contact – this will ensure the direction of the ball so it is vital you have the racquet face pointing away from you slightly in front (somewhere around where you front toe is). The path of the racquet needs to continue going in a linear way as much as possible through contact (avoid the semi circle) and don’t pull your arm across your body. 3. The finish – ensuring a good follow-through is vital. Don’t stop your arm, let it go through all the way to stay loose and smooth. having a high elbow finish helps get a nice low to high trajectory and also makes it easy to apply topspin as its easier to rotate your wrist. Even if you do not finish in a classic way over your shoulder still ensure to have a high elbow. This video is for those of you wondering how to hit a tennis forehand or how to hit a forehand in tennis. Enjoy!