Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machine Play Test and Review

Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machine Play Test and Review

The slinger bag tennis ball machine is the newest personal ball machine on the market.

There has been a lot of hype around the slinger bags release, but just how good is this new tennis ball machine?

Coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training puts it to the test in this video and gives his honest review of the machine.

Like many of the tennis ball machines on the market, the slinger has its pros and cons, which we’ll cover in the video.

One of the major advantages that the slinger has over other tennis ball machines is it’s incredibly high topspin rates.
You feel as though you are playing against a very high-level tennis player.

Most machines will give you some topspin, but not as much as the slinger.
For that reason, it can be one of the best training tools for tennis players to work on dealing with aggressive topspin and high balls in tennis.

Slinger Bag Pros and Cons

The Good Side Of The Slinger Bag

  • The amount of topspin the slinger produces is insane, it feels like you’re hitting against a very high-level player.
  • The machine has a good speed range, going from 10 mph up to 45.
  • On full speed, the power might not look extraordinary but the bounce then quickly changes your outlook on that. It kicks off the court at very high speeds.
  • Everything is built-in, so even though it’s a ball machine, it’s very convenient to transport and move around on the court with the wheels.
  • You can change the height of the feeds, perfect when you want to work on various contact zones and on the different types of volleys at the net
  • The tempo can be adjusted, going from a very low tempo to a very intense one, so if you’re working on your technique you might slow down the feeds, having more time between each shot and if you’re working on volleys or reactions, you might ramp up the tempo so you have very little time between shots.
  • Battery life is 5 hours.
  • The price – $550-850 is very reasonable for a machine of this quality.

Cons Of The Slinger Bag

  • The fact that you can’t adjust topspin levels is one of the negative things.
    You might want to work on dealing with flat balls or dealing with underspin, but that’s not an option.
  • The power only going up to 45 mph.

Video Timeline:
00:00 – How good is the slinger bag intro
00:35 – The number one reason we like the slinger bag
00:58 – Dealing with heavy topspin balls (drill one)
2:22 – Taking the ball on the rise (drill two)
3:28 – Picking up low balls at the net (drill three)
5:05 – Slice training on the slinger bag (drill four)
6:40 – Creating power with the slinger bag (drill five)
8:31 – Slingerbag review (pros of this machine)
10:40 – The cons of the slinger bag
11:40 – Slingerbag vs other tennis ball machines