Tennis Forehand Windshield Wiper Technique

How to produce easy topspin on your tennis forehand – windshield wiper technique.

In this lesson, we break down the topspin forehand technique and how players like Rafael Nadal manage to create such mind-blowing rpm on the ball and teach you in detail the windshield wiper motion you will need on your forehand to take it to the next level.

By getting more topspin on your forehand you will be able to:

– Get more control on the ball
– Create angles and get your opponent running off the court
– Slow down the speed of the shot and make the ball dip into the court
– Hit more hight over the net and create a difficult bounce for the opponent
– Let go and accelerate the racquet while staying consistent

We dissect all the technical elements of the windscreen wiper forehand and give you a drill you can do in your tennis training with your coach to improve quicker. Video by Top Tennis Training, perfect for those players who want to learn how to get topspin on the forehand in tennis and how to hit forehand topspin.

00:00​ Forehand Topspin Windshield Wiper introduction
00:15​ Benefits of Windshield Wiper Motion
00:40​ Forehand Grips for Topspin
00:50​ Issues with Continental Grip for Topspin
01:05​ Examples of Best Grips for Topspin
02:30​ Before Contact in Forehand Topspin
03:14​ Timing of Topspin and Windshield Wiper
04:20​ During Contact During Windshield Wiper – Racquet Path and Angle
05:58​ Reasons To Use Windshield Wiper Motion
06:38​ Topspin Drill – Learning the Windshield Wiper