Tennis Forehand Wrist Lag in 3 Steps – Forehand Lag Explained

Tennis Forehand Wrist Lag in 3 Steps – Forehand Lag Explained

Achieving the perfect forehand lag is vital to generate effortless power & topspin. We look at ATP Forehands of Djokovic, Nadal and Federer technique and how you can easily apply it to your game.

At the start, we will break down exactly what forehand wrist lag is, why we use it and what are the main benefits before we reveal our 3 simple steps you can follow to upgrade your forehand.

Step 1 is all about the setup for the shot, our takeback and how we can maximise our chances to achieve an effortless lag that will help us generate a fast racquet head at contact.

Step 2 will reveal the forehand drop and the use of your kinetic chain. We will teach you how to use your body to take the stress out of your arm.

Step 3 is all about the contact point and how to achieve the perfect relaxation in your technique through some tricks we learnt throughout the years.

Lastly, we will leave you with a great drill you can do to feel the perfect wrist lag and engrain it into your muscle memory.

00:00 What is Forehand Wrist Lag
00:53 Why Use Forehand Lag
01:30 What is Leverage in Racket Lag
02:19 What is Wrist Lag and Snap (whip effect)
03:07 Step 1 – Preparation For The Ball To Achieve Easy Forehand Drop
04:50 Step 2 – Hit Phase and Kinetic Chain
06:20 Step 3 – Relaxation Through Contact Point and Finish tips
08:14 Tennis Forehand Lag Drill