Tennis Tactics – Where To Aim In Singles

Tennis Tactics – Where To Aim In Singles

Crosscourt vs down the line in tennis, when should you hit either one and why? When you play singles, tactics and strategy should be the main priority for you if you want to have the best chance of winning that match. Deciding where to aim your shots is a big factor in building points and playing the percentages.


Hitting crosscourt in tennis gives you three main advantages, firstly you’re hitting into more court so the margins become bigger, there is less chance you’ll miss the stroke. Secondly, you’re hitting over the lowest part of the net, which helps you out when you’re tight on a big point for instance and every cm counts! Thirdly, the zone you need to recover in to is closer to you because of the dynamics of the tennis court. So a higher percentage and you need to run less!

Down The Line

When you go down the line, the major advantage you gain is taking time away from your opponent, the ball has less court to travel into when you hit down the line so the balls gets to your opponent much quicker, reducing the amount of time your opponent has to read, react and respond to your shot.