Tennis Volley Lesson – How To Hit Perfect Tennis Volleys In 3 Steps

How To Hit Perfect Tennis Volleys In 3 Steps

In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will show you how to hit a perfect tennis volley in three simple steps.
The volley is the easiest shot in tennis to learn as it’s so simple yet so many players struggle to get it right as they do too much with the racket.
Three steps to the perfect volley:
1. Using the continental grip on both the forehand tennis volley and backhand tennis volley will allow you to save time. Time is of the essence when at the net. The ready position is crucial in hitting good volleys, you want the racket head higher than the grip level
and in the middle of your upper body when in the ready position. Try to create an “L” shape with your racket and hitting arm.
2. Getting the racket ready for contact by placing the racket at the expected contact point. If you have more time you can swing a bit more, if you have less time keep the racket out in front of your body at the contact point.
3. Using the forward momentum to add power to your volleys. If you have time or the ball is wider, try to use the outside foot for the first step and then the inside foot to step through the ball. If you have less time then try to step forwards slightly with the inside foot.