Ultimate Tennis Serve Drill for Accuracy and Disguise

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Ultimate Tennis Serve Drill for Accuracy and Disguise

What do you think of this timeless classic drill for the serve in tennis?

Disguising your serve is vital if you want to beat a good returner.

You want them guessing, not reading where you are going to hit!

Tennis Serve Drill

This serve drills is amazing.

In this drill, the coach calls out a target 🎯 once the player has tossed the ball up, the better you get the later you can make that call.

To achieve the perfect disguise you need to:

✅ 1. Work on your toss being in the same place for the out wide, body and T serves.

✅ 2. Maintain the same stance and positioning on the court

✅ 3. Maintain the same technique throughout the motion and only change what happens at contact with the racquet face.

✅ 4. Enjoy feeling like John Isner with your new ATP Serve 💪😁

This lesson by Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky from Top Tennis Training is to help those players that want to know how to serve in tennis or how to hit a tennis serve as well as a way to improve the tennis serve drills / improve serve in tennis.

Video Chapters:

00:00 Tennis Serve Drills
00:30 How To Disguise Serve in Tennis
01:00 Best Serve Drill in Tennis
02:28 Novak Djokovic Serve Examples
03:15 Tennis Drill for Second Serve Disguise