Tennis Anticipation Lesson – Play Better Tennis Using The R3X System

Play Tennis Like The Pros Using The R3X System

Often when we play tennis we hit the ball late, we are not in the right position and we choose the wrong shot to go for. These are very common issues that happen to all of us at some point in our tennis journey but we don’t have to accept them.

There are a few very simple things you can use and implement to transform your tennis and help you feel like a pro out on court.

In this video tennis lesson Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will help you transform your tennis game using the R3X tennis system which breaks down into:


By reading where the ball is going as fast as you possible can you will give yourself the best chance to be in the perfect position


After you initially pick up where the ball is going, the next step is for you to now react as early as possible and start moving into the position where you expect the ball. This also means that while you move, you are also preparing your racket and body accordingly.


The last phase is now about choosing the correct response and executing it to the best of your abilities.
This means picking the right strategy (remember that for each situation this response will be different) and then hitting the shot as best as you can for that situation.