Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2017 Final
Roger Federer defeated his greatest rival Rafael Nadal in an epic five set match at the 2017 Australian Open to win his 18th Grand Slam title. With the win Federer increases the gap between him and his nearest challengers for most Grand Slam titles (Nadal – 14 and Djokovic – 12) Key Match Stats Federer […]
Comments / 23 Apr 2018
Who Is The Greatest Tennis Player Of All Time?
Who is the greatest tennis player of all time? Has Roger Federer secured his spot as the GOAT by winning more grand slam singles titles than any other man in history or does his losing head to head record against his biggest rival Rafa Nadal dent that? Share your thoughts in the comments down below
Comments / 19 Mar 2018
The Tennis Goat With Tommy Robredo
The Tennis GOAT With Tommy Robredo If you were to build the ultimate tennis player from all the tennis players in the history of our great sport, who would you choose for: 1. The Forehand 2. The Two Handed Backhand 3. The One Handed Backhand 4. Volleys and Net Game 5. The Serve 6. The […]
Comments / 19 Mar 2018
Tennis Player Chases Umpire And Loses His Cool
This video captures the moment an Iranian tennis player named Majed Abedini loses his temper and chases after the court supervisor in a ITF Futures event in Turkey. Abedini was playing Imran Aswat, in the second round of qualifying for a $10,000 Futures event in Antalya, Turkey. According to one British player who witnessed this, it’s […]
Comments / 19 Mar 2018
Murray vs Raonic Wimbledon 2016 Final Analysis
Scot Andy Murray has won Wimbledon 2016 by defeating Canadian tennis superstar Milos Raonic in a straight sets final to claim his second Wimbledon title of his career. How exactly did he manage to tame the huge serve of the giant Raonic? Find out in this video analysis by Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov.
Comments / 19 Mar 2018
Australian Open 2018 Analysis and Predictions
Who will win the 2018 Australian Open Mens and Womens? Leave us your predictions in the comments section and if you predict right and like this video you will win one of our premium online courses. Who will be able to push through the draw and win the Men’s title? Can it be an “outsider”, […]
Comments / 19 Mar 2018
How To Get The Most Out Of Practice
Some players spend hours and hours on court with minimum rewards. Other players spend much less time training but their results are superior. Why? The players who train with a purpose and know exactly what they are working on and build a plan on how to improve that area and then execute that plan are […]
Comments / 8 Mar 2018
Doping In Tennis
This article is not about whether certain tennis players are doping or using banned substances, without solid evidence and proof anyone who says they know a certain player is using banned drugs but can’t back up their claims, is just talking. However we do know that certain Pros have been caught using banned substances. So there is […]
Comments / 8 Mar 2018
Novak Djokovic & Andre Agassi Could Be Great
Novak Djokovic has practised on court in Paris with his new coach Andre Agassi for the first time. Djokovic is looking to regain top form after a year of poor results since he won Roland Garros in June last year. 3 Reasons Why Agassi Could Be The Man To Help Andre Agassi played a very […]
Comments / 11 Dec 2017
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