Tennis One Handed Backhand Transformation – 3 Steps To The Perfect ATP Modern Backhand

Tennis One-Handed Backhand Transformation – 3 Steps To The Perfect ATP Modern Backhand

Every player with a single-handed backhand in tennis knows just how difficult and frustrating the shot can be, even for a pro.

Coach Alex of TTT competed on the ATP Tour and had the privilege of playing some of the world’s greats. While his forehand stood up to the challenge, the backhand felt less secure, especially when handling Roger Federer’s inside out forehand or getting stuck into a backhand battle against Andy Murray.

So we decided to do something about it, to analyze his technique and upgrade his one-handed backhand! Most one-handers struggle with 3 main problems: generating power, applying enough topspin, and handling high balls and Alex is no different. The simple tips in this video will help you improve these concepts and hopefully turn your backhand into a weapon.

Do you want to know how to hit a one-handed back in tennis?
How to hit an ATP backhand? How to hit a tennis backhand?
Then this video is for you, time to stop protecting it and running around it!

Video Chapters
00:00 One handed tennis backhand analysis
03:08 One handed tennis backhand takeback elbow
05:34 One handed tennis backhand backswing racquet face
07:07 One handed tennis backhand ready position and preparation